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Pictures of used bullets and cartridges

Indiana Scientist Releases Gun and Lead Report

Shooting increases lead exposure.

Gabriel Filippelli, a scientist at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, has released a study examining the risks of lead exposure from shooting at shooting ranges. Filippelli is a professor in the earth sciences department and director of the Center for Urban Health. He studies chemicals in the…
A welcome sign at the Illinois state line

Elgin, Ill. Didn’t Want Gun Training Facility For Women

It's too close to a building that has programs for kids?

We were shocked and surprised when we heard about this case in Elgin, Illinois, in which a gun training facility oriented toward women was initially vetoed by the City Council. Originally, the Elgin City Council voted 4-4 to turn down the request to open the…
NY Cops Exchanged Gun Permits for Hookers and Pizza

NY Cops Exchanged Gun Permits for Hookers and Pizza

This sounds like a joke but it's not.

The set up for this sounds like a joke just waiting for a punch line. Three NYPD cops exchange gun permits for prostitutes, pizza and cash...Oh wait, there is no punch line! The Daily Beast reported on the guns exchange deal. Oh, and there were trips…
An angry young driver shakes his hand out the window of his white car.

Road Rage Cases Have Doubled Says The Trace

Change over a three-year-period

We get it. Driving sucks sometimes. There's always a driver that wants to go faster no matter how fast you're already going. No matter how hard it's raining or how curvy the road is, whatever. There's always a driver who cuts you off when you're…
Safety Manual book with gun on white background

Massachusetts Guidelines For Doctors Talking to Patients About Guns

The doctor is supposed to take responsibility on bringing up the issue.

The Huffington Post published an article about how the state of Massachusetts is creating guidelines to help doctors talk to patients about guns. I didn't know this before reading the article, but apparently Florida tried to pass a policy called Firearm Owners’ Privacy Act (FOPA),…
Nationwide Manhunt for Steve Stephens - Be Alert

Update: Nationwide Manhunt Suspect Kills Himself

Steve Stephens has a concealed carry license.

Update: Steve Stephens has killed himself following a brief pursuit in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania State Police say that Stephens was spotted in Erie, Pennsylvania, about 100 miles east of Cleveland, where the original shooting incident occurred. Authorities tried to pull him over but he shot himself. What…