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Nazi Gun Found in Traffic Stop

Nazi Gun Found in Traffic Stop

Australian police seize the MP40.

Australian police stopped a car last week along the coast of New South Wales and found an MP40 sub-machine gun from the Nazi era along with 60 rounds of ammunition. Needless to say, Australian police have seized the gun. The weapon was made in Nazi Germany…
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46 Lawmakers Seek to Limit ATF’s Power

HR 2620 affects the ATF's authority

Forty six lawmakers have banded together to cosponsor HR 2620. The purpose of the bill is to "revise various laws that interfere with the right of the people to obtain and use firearms for all lawful purposes." No action has taken place on the bill yet,…
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New Ohio “Stand Your Ground” Bill

Self defense first would be ok.

A new bill under consideration in Ohio would allow people with firearms to defend themselves without first having to retreat. The bill is similar to other "stand your ground" laws in other states. Republicans Rep. Terry Johnson and Rep. Sarah Latourette introduced House Bill 228, which…
Lights on top of a police car at dusk. The lights are flashing, both red and blue lights are visible.

Father Learns Hardest Lesson About Gun Safety

And he's now facing felonies.

This is one of the saddest stories we have heard. If the report is to be believed, a father is facing felonies after accidentally shooting his 9-year-old daughter while trying to teach her gun safety. This Indiana father, Eric Hummel, 33 years old, fatally shot…
Masked Gunman Smashes Lady's Cake

Masked Gunman Smashes Lady’s Cake

He acted calm, like he had done it before.

In further strange news from Florida, a woman in Deltona told police she pulled into her driveway and saw a masked man pointing a gun at her. The woman was not identified, and neither was the gunman. She says she had a cake in one…
Chicago Police Superintendent Pushes for Longer Prisons Times for Gun Felons

Chicago Police Superintendent Pushes for Longer Prisons Times for Gun Felons

He wants to keep them off the street.

NBC Chicago published an article about Chicago's top cop, Superintendent Eddie Johnson, who testified before a House committee last week to lobby for longer sentences for gun crimes. Supt. Johnson lobbied for a stronger gun sentencing bill, SB 1722. The bill has passed the Chicago Senate and…