iGun Pro 2 is Out!

the gun simulator app is hugely popular.

iGun Pro 2 app

Are you one of the people who has downloaded the iGun Pro app more than 55 million times around the world? If so, then you might be excited to know that the app developer, Crimson Moon Entertainment, has released the second version of the hugely popular app.

The Apple App Store describes iGun Pro 2 as a “non-violent, ultra-realistic firearm simulation app.” It’s pretty cool because it allows users to customize the weapons they’re choosing and share their designs with other app users via messaging and social media.

Like, you can create your own custom camouflage, add attachments to your gun like knives and barrels, choose your own colors, and submit your designs to a global design contest to win game goodies. everyone loves the app because you can actually “fire” these guns you create, and that’s probably the most fun part!

Version 2 adds some new gameplays to the original game with new levels, new attachments and new gun stickers. And, you can reset your gun settings now! More than 1.5 million people regularly use the app on a monthly basis.  It’s a free app and you can pay for coins if you don’t have enough resources for the upgrades you want to do.

Image taken from app video.