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Darkotic Target

Hit Bullseye With a Variety of Fun Targets

Makes practice more fun.

When you're learning to shoot, having a cool target definitely makes it more fun. While there's nothing wrong with shooting pumpkins in the fall or bottles filled with juice, there's a lot of other targets out there. We were just saying how .22 rimfires are…
Should You Buy Tactical Shooting Gloves?

Should You Buy Tactical Shooting Gloves?

We tried some Mechanix gloves out.

Mechanix Wear recently sent us shooting gloves to test out. We got to choose between the Fast Fit Wolf Grey ($16) and the Original Speciality .5 Covert ($28). Mechanix kindly sent us medium and large to choose from. I chose large, and they fit well. They're both…

Gifts for Gun Lovers: Magazines and Scopes from Brownells

Who wouldn't want these gifts?

Brownells has added a few new items to its catalog, and two of them would make great gifts for gun lovers Magpul PMAG Magazines for Glock Image of PMAG courtesy of These polymer magazines fit popular Glocks and offer extra capacity compared to standard magazines. Extended pistol magazines…
Brownells Offers New Exclusive Architek AR-15 Sight

Brownells Offers New Exclusive AR-15 Front Sight

Battle Arms Development's sight clamps onto a standard AR-15 barrel.

Brownells is offering a new AR-15 front sight, the Battle Arms Development ARCHITEK, #100-019-664.  Available exclusively from Brownells, the new sight is designed to clamp onto a standard AR-15 barrel that is between .735 inches and .750 inches in diameter. The ARCHITEK sight clamps on to the barrel and extends…
Why Kydex Holsters are The Best

Why Kydex Holsters Are the Best

When you're looking for a functional holster over attractiveness.

After a lot of research on holsters, I came to the conclusion that Kydex holsters are the best choice. It’s not the most attractive holster, but that’s not what I was going for in one. I needed it to function well and stand up to…
Protect Yourself From Car Break-Ins

Why You Should and Shouldn’t Use a Red Dot Sight Laser

Red dot sight lasers have pros and cons.

When you’re considering whether you should use a red dot sight laser, there are a few benefits and disadvantages you should consider. Red dot lasers are not all that they are cracked up to be, but there are still some great reasons to use one. Why…