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Security Officers in Colorado School Will Carry Semi-Automatic Rifles

Security staff director sets a national precedent

The Douglas School District in Colorado is arming security officers with high-powered rifles to protect school children, according to a recent article from the Denver Post. These rifles are assumed to be semi-automatic with a 16-inch barrel that can fire 30 rounds. The article reports that the…

Professor Torn About Writing Recommendation For Pro-Gun Student

Not everyone has a great experience with firearms. For one professor who grew up in a household with a manic depressive father, she recalled for the Chronicle of Higher Education that she was torn as to whether or not to write a recommendation for a…
Gun Owners More Law Abiding Than Policegun

New Poll Reveals Public Opinion of Firearms in Society

News and Culture May Have More Influence in 2016

A new poll reveals that the public is conflicted on the subject of firearms. It sheds some light on how public opinion influences firearms manufacturers and legal issues. Poll Results Fall on Either Side According to a press release, a poll taken by the Saint Leo University…
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Petition Created To Allow Guns at Ohio’s Republican Convention

Thousands call for open carry at popular arena

The convention will be held at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland. Under current law, the arena prohibits weapons of any kind. The petition is on and there is very little information in the creator's profile. The petition has more than 50,000 supporters. The creator of…

This Study Says That Some Gun Control Laws Cause *More* Deaths

The British medical journal, the Lancet, published a study where they conclude that if the federal government expanded background checks and required every firearm to be registered, it would account for a whopping 90% reduction in gun deaths. Dr. David Hemenway, who sits in a…
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Gun Lobby’s Power Driven by Motivation, Not by Numbers

The President calls the Gun Lobby a foe, but what's the real influence?

President Obama's executive actions are being met with challenges due to a strong alliance some call the “gun lobby.” According to the President, Congress is being held hostage by this "gun lobby," rendering it helpless to create and support laws that restrict aspects of our…