Elgin, Ill. Didn’t Want Gun Training Facility For Women

It's too close to a building that has programs for kids?

A welcome sign at the Illinois state line

We were shocked and surprised when we heard about this case in Elgin, Illinois, in which a gun training facility oriented toward women was initially vetoed by the City Council. Originally, the Elgin City Council voted 4-4 to turn down the request to open the Fox Valley Shooting Club.

A councilman who previously voted no brought the issue up again and changed his vote. This change was allowed due to a rule that allows the council to reconsider an issue within two weeks. We think this reconsideration was the smart move, but we’re dismayed that it was initially refused in the first place.

One of the councilmen, Corey Dixon, who voted no on it, said that people in the county didn’t want the facility and he wanted to support their views. “It’s their community, they don’t want it, so I will stand with them,” he said.

The facility will cater to women and be family friendly, so is this part of the reason why the community doesn’t want it? Is there an old stereotype of the crazy, emotional, hormonal woman running around with a gun, and kids shooting other kids, that is scaring people? Who knows. But at the meeting, the article says that more than 30 people spoke out in support and against the faccility.

When the council first considered the move to open the facility, it was before their April election. After the April election, some of the city council members changed. The new vote to approve the facility was 5-4. It says, “Supporters said guns are safe when handled adequately and with proper training in the right facility. Opponents cited concerns about safety, traffic, noise, declining property values, and proximity to a building that hosts Easter Seals DuPage & Fox Valley, which provides services to children with developmental delays and disabilities, and a preschool program run by Elgin Area School District U-46.”

So, they’re worried about a facility that teaches people how to use guns safely being located NEARBY a building that hosts programs for children? How are the two related at all? They’re not. Other objections were over parking and noise, which apparently were alleviated after having some discussion with the nearby residents. so we’re pleased that Elgin City Council did the right thing.