How to Clean a Synthetic Gun Stock

A few ways work, depending on how you want it to look afterwards.

How to Clean a Synthetic Gun Stock

The reason most gun owners choose a synthetic gun stock is because of the low maintenance that comes along with having it. A synthetic stock does need some attention, though. One of the most common questions asked is how to clean a synthetic gun stock. There are actually a few different ways to clean a synthetic gun stock, depending on how you want it to look afterwards.

Soap and Water
If you just want to get some dirt and dust off of the synthetic stock, regular soap and water will do the trick. You can rub it with any type of soap you want, such as Dial. Just rub it with some soap and wipe clean with water.

Some people swear by bottled water – like Aquafina. They believe it helps prevent spots on the gun. Just be sure to use a dry cloth to wipe it completely. Try it to see if it works for you.

Bring Back the Shine
If the synthetic stock looks dull, you can bring back the shine with ArmourAll. This is a product often used on cars to shine the interior dash. You can use a small amount on the gun to make it look new again. Be careful about using too much since it can make the stock slippery. Wiping the stock with a dry, lint-free cloth will remove the slipperiness if you overuse the product.

Breakfree is another automotive product that can be used. It will do much of the same as the ArmourAll does, but doesn’t create the slipperiness that ArmourAll can.

Black Shoe Polish
Black shoe polish can be used after you wash your synthetic stock with soap and water. It’s a great way to cover up scratches or any other dings and dents. The other benefit of using shoe polish is it makes the stock much more resistant to water.

Gun Oil
Gun oil is perfect. It will give the synthetic stock a shine without making it slippery. You just have to make sure you wipe it off completely.

You now have many options for ways to clean your synthetic gun stock. Most synthetic stock owners find something they like and continue to use it. It’s better to start with something simple first to see how it works for you. If it doesn’t give you the clean you’re looking for, try something like the gun oil, ArmourAll, or shoe polish. With trial and error, you’ll find the best way to keep your synthetic stock looking its best.

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