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You’re More Likely To Die From Work-Related Toxins Than Guns

According to the CDC, roughly 2.6 million Americans died in 2013.  Of those 2.6 million, an estimated 33,000 died from gun-related injuries.  If that sounds like an alarming number, you may be surprised to learn just about as many people died due to falling.  So,…

Gun Lobby Quietly Puts An End To EPA Regulating Traditional Ammunition

NSSF Puts The Kibosh On Anti-Gun Threat

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Lobbyists, in general, are largely considered the villains of modern democracy.  Lurking in the shadows, they're often hired to discuss sensitive political issues with our elected officials in an effort to "facilitate reform".  Just sometimes, though, those shadowy people happen to come…
Barack Obama

How the President’s Executive Power Could Influence Gun Law

Direct action could be taken but effectiveness is questioned

In the wake of recent violent events many turn to the country's elected officials to observe their response. President Obama has significant power, but he could be limited in his abilities to directly enforce further restrictions. "Congress should act to make sure no one on a…

Gov. Malloy (D-CT) Wants To “Seize The Moment” AND Plenty Of Americans’ Right To Bear Arms

Using A Secret List Of Federal "Naughty & Nice" To Determine Who Gets Their Second Amendment

HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT -- There's a list that the federal government keeps behind closed doors.  You don't have access to it.  You can't see if your name is on it.  But next time you board a plane, you could find yourself on a "No Fly" list. …
Armed North Carolina Teenager Scares Off 3 Home Invaders

An Active Shooter Incident in San Bernardino Results in Multiple Victims

Reports Confirm Two Shooters and Fourteen Killed

Police in San Bernardino California are reporting 14 casualties and 21 injuries as a result of an active shooter incident yesterday. The couple who carried out the attack were killed in a gunfight with police after the incident. The incident occurred at the Inland Regional Center,…