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Texas State Handgun?

Texas’s Official State Handgun?

The state handgun of Texas might soon be designated.

Most states have a state motto, state flower, state bird and other basic things like that. Texas has a state sport (rodeo), a state mammal (take a's the Texas longhorn) and a state tree (the pecan). But it doesn't yet have a state handgun.…
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NY Hunting Accident Man Pleads Guilty

He killed his sister-in-law.

The Livingston County News reports that a Rochester, New York, man pleaded guilty to one county of criminally negligent homicide. The incident took place in November 2016 while they pair were out hunting. John Lander, 50, plea bargained and is expected to serve four months of…
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Allman Bros Wife Throws Rifle in Water After Threat to High Schoolers

This made us scratch our heads.

In Florida, the 62-year-old wife of a well-known musician apparently stood on her dock and threatened several members of a rowing team practicing nearby. She used a rifle to threaten the rowing team, then threw the rifle in the water! Donna Betts is the wife…
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Cost of U.S. Gun Injuries Totaled Up

Much of the burden falls on taxpayers.

An American public health study reported that the cost of treating people in the United States with gun injuries has been totaled up. Americans paid more than $6.6 billion over eight years to pay for the treatment of victims of gun violence. At least 42%…
High Gun Sales, Low Gun Accident Rates

High Gun Sales, Low Gun Accident Rates

...among the things the media doesn't want you to know.

The National Safety Council has released new statistics related to gun safety. The results might surprise you. According to 2015 statics in the group's "Injury Facts" report, there were 489 accidental gun deaths. The Washington Examiner reports that record-keeping on these types of accidents began in 1903.…