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drawing of michigan state on chalkboard, drawn by chalk

Gun Rights Activists Found Guilty in Michigan

They didn't seem to help their cause any.

Back in February, two gun rights activists armed themselves and then walked into the Dearborn, Michigan, police department. James Baker, 24, and Brandon Vreeland, 40, both from Michigan, were charged with crimes stemming from the incident. In early July, the men were convicted. Both were found guilty…

Spotlight on Women’s Shooting Leagues – The Well Armed Woman

Information and resources by women, for women.

“Women are different than men. We’re not better, we’re not worse, we’re just different.” That understanding is what led Carrie Lightfoot to a new career. When she decided to buy a gun for self-defense, she started looking for information and resources – and found them…
Instructor with man aiming machine gun at firing range

Vetting Your Firearms Instructor

Don't end up with a "Hollywood" showboat instructor.

We have been seeing a surge with a lot of so called “Firearms Instructors” on video going viral on social media. There are numerous videos going around of these “instructors” firing rounds into the ceilings of indoor ranges, teaching “Hollywood” tactics and just generally unsafe…
Hollow point in front of black gun on workbench.

Bye Bye Penis, Man Says After Sitting on Gun

Why does stuff like this always happen in Florida?

I grew up in Florida so I get to make fun of it a little. No offense intended to the great people from the state. But, ya got to admit, a lot of the wacko stories that we hear of in the news do take…

How Do I Choose a Rifle Optic?

What do I need and what do I look for?

When we’re starting out in shooting, whether it is for hunting or for competition, we just want someone to answer a simple question in a simple manner. And that question is, “I just want an affordable – but quality – scope for competition and for…
man aiming down sights outside during spring, armed with black shot gun used for pigeon shooting.

Purchasing Used Firearms

Nothing wrong with doing it, just be smart about it.

There is nothing wrong with purchasing used firearms. There are some general rules that will help to avoid a bad situation though. Many gun shops buy and sell used firearms on a regular basis. Not all gun shops have the time or location to go…