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How to Clean a Synthetic Gun Stock

How to Clean a Synthetic Gun Stock

A few ways work, depending on how you want it to look afterwards.

The reason most gun owners choose a synthetic gun stock is because of the low maintenance that comes along with having it. A synthetic stock does need some attention, though. One of the most common questions asked is how to clean a synthetic gun stock.…
gun and bullets on table

What You Need to Know About Wood Gun Grips

How do you choose between a polymer grip and a wood grip?

Are you a person who prefers polymer grips over wood grips? What if you're not sure which one you like the best? How do you choose between a polymer grip and a wood grip? There are many things to consider when deciding on the type…

Public Issues

Underwater lionfish hunting with a Glock Handgun

Underwater Lionfish Hunting with a Glock Handgun

No limit on this catch and the gun gives it a twist.

Florida hunters don’t just stay on land during hunting season. Some of them take to the water, and now they can take their Glock with them. Yes, it’s true. In Florida, lionfish are in abundance, so many fishermen/hunters enjoy the sport of hunting them. The…
Apple Removes Gun Emoji

Apple Removes Gun Emoji

Black pistol emoji replaced with green water gun

When Apple releases its new operating system for iPhone and iPads this fall, one emoji will be missing. The company is replacing the black pistol emoji with one of a green water gun. Other new emojis seek to offer a greater sense of diversity. New emojis will incorporate…

Industry News

A welcome sign at the Illinois state line

Why Is Everyone Boycotting Springfield Armory?

Confusion about their recent decision.

Update: We wrote this post on May 3 and after we got this ready to post on May 4 (this morning), we got an email at 7pm May 3 from Springfield Armory. Interesting to see how their messaging has totally changed from a week ago.…
Beretta 490 Serpentina

Beretta Unveils New Serpentina Shotgun

Company marks 490th anniversary in New York City

On December 2, 2016, Beretta marked its 490th anniversary by unveiling a one-of-a-kind shotgun in New York City. The company's official anniversary s October 3, but numerous special events have taken place since then. The 490 Serpentina was commissioned and made for the occasion. It was presented…

Concealed Carry

hand firing a handgun with bullet casing shooting out and flash

New York Handgun Permits Can’t Be Renewed

They are required to be renewed but permit holders can't do it.

According to the Buffalo News, the state's gun control law requires all residents who had pistol permits before 2013 to renew them or lose them. But there's a problem. Niagara County Clerk Joseph Jastrzemski said the state hasn't done what it needs to do to make that…
Tips on How to Carry on the Ankle

Tips on Carrying Concealed on Your Ankle

Ankle carrying can be comfortable and easy.

People have been carrying concealed weapons on their ankle since the "Wild West" days. At that time, people were not supposed to carry firearms within city limits, so they would hide them on their ankles. Actually, cowboys, gamblers, and other people who wanted to carry…

2nd Amendment

5 Ways Skeletonized AR-15s Change The Game

Do They Really Enhance The Shooting Experience Or Just Look Cool?

If you've been following Demolition Ranch on YouTube, you likely saw a pretty candid introduction of the latest craze: skeletonized AR-15s.  "Skeletonized" refers to manufacturers and gun makers taking out any excess metal in the frame of a gun until it only has the bare…
Handgun lying on American flag

House Approves Bill to Prevent Taking Gun Rights Away From Veterans

It's hard to believe a law was needed to prevent this in the first place.

The Veteran's Second Amendment Protection Act, or House Bill 1181, was introduced February 16, 2017. Here's the language of this bill: "This bill prohibits, in any case arising out of the administration of laws and benefits by the Department of Veterans Affairs, any person who…