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The DC Project Women's Gun Rights

Women From Each State Are Lobbying for Gun Rights This Week

DC Project seeks to change the image of gun owners.

The DC Project is aiming to change the image of what people typically think of as gun owners in this country: rich, older, white males. Fifty women from each of the 50 states convened on Washington, DC, this past week (from June 12 to June…
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House Approves Bill to Prevent Taking Gun Rights Away From Veterans

It's hard to believe a law was needed to prevent this in the first place.

The Veteran's Second Amendment Protection Act, or House Bill 1181, was introduced February 16, 2017. Here's the language of this bill: "This bill prohibits, in any case arising out of the administration of laws and benefits by the Department of Veterans Affairs, any person who…
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Can Maryland Set the Stage for a National Gun Ban?

4th Circuit upholds restrictive law.

Late in February, without hardly anyone noticing, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Maryland's restrictive "Firearms Safety Act." Maryland currently bans semiautomatic guns with certain features that the state feels make the guns "militarized." The state passed this law in 2012 in response to…
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Republican Iowa Governor Argues Against Gun Rights Bill

The NRA supports it, why doesn't she?

What's going on when the NRA supports a gun rights bill but a city's Republican governor doesn't? Pleasant Hill, Iowa governor Sara Kurovski argued on February 27 at the Iowa statehouse against a gun rights bill that is making its way through the Iowa house. What's…
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North Carolina Seeks Constitutional Carry

NC joins several others, with more expected.

North Carolina is the latest state seeking to join the ranks of others listing constitutional carry, or permitless carry, as a legal means of self-protection while carrying concealed. Twelve states currently hold constitutional carry status and three have some form of limited, permitless concealed carry status.…
District of Columbia Residents Don't Have 2nd Amendment Rights

News Flash: DC Residents Don’t Have Second Amendment Rights!

New bill tried to change the city's existing laws.

There's no question that the District of Columbia is a unique place. If you live there, you're pretty much guaranteed to be working in the government or military or working in an industry that serves those people. The district hosts high-profile events including heads of…