Two New Handguns in New Bond Movie Cause Uproar

Manufacturers stand to benefit from brand placement.

twin barrel

Fans of the 007 franchise know that James Bond thrives on product placement. The movies are filled with fast cars, high fashion, and high-class nosh, all on glittering display for millions of eager viewers.

It’s safe to say that top-level placement in the latest installment of the franchise, Spectre, will go a long way to promote the already shiny images of big brands like Aston Martin, Range Rover, and Belvedere Vodka. But one firearms manufacturer stands to benefit from the placement in a unique way.

Bond is known for his reliance on his Walther PPK, a tried and true pistol that’s been a standby of his since the early novels by Ian Fleming. When James Bond changes allegiances then, rabid fans take notice. Two firearms manufacturer, Heckler & Koch and Arsenal, stand to benefit from the uproar.

In a teaser trailer for the upcoming Spectre James is seen wielding a 15-shot VP9 pistol from Heckler & Koch, causing intense speculation as to how the debonair spy got his hands on the piece and just how dedicated he is to the pistol.

Given that the cashmere turtleneck 007 dons in the Spectre movie poster sold out immediately and shoppers will be waiting until summer to buy it, it’s safe to say that H & K will surely reap the benefits of this new found publicity.

The sophistication of James Bond must be of particular appeal to Heckler & Koch, as it lends their firearm an air of cool superiority to the notoriously mercurial gun sales issue. Far from the crazy, gun-toting angry country bumpkin, James Bond makes carrying a firearm a fashionable and glamorous act done by a well-trained professional.

When Arsenal Firearms announced that their new AF Dueller Prismatic, a twin barrel .45, would be featured in the movie fans protested. The vision of James Bond blasting away with such a monster of a gun is enough to send the most dedicated fans into hysterics. As promotional poster (since deleted from the Internet) was found showing the piece being used by a villain, a more appropriate choice.

These two firearms manufacturers stand to benefit considerably from the product placement in the new James Bond movie, no matter how much devoted 007 fans protest.