Get More Shooting Time With Extended Pistol Magazines

No more need to shoot, reload and shoot again.

Get More Shooting Time With Extended Pistol Magazines

When you’re first starting out with a pistol, you probably don’t mind reloading. You shoot, reload, and shoot again. For those who have more shooting experience, reloading becomes a nuisance. Having to stop just to reload can be frustrating. While many newer pistol owners don’t know this, extended magazines can relieve the aggravation of reloading.

What Is an Extended Pistol Magazine?
An extended pistol magazine attaches to your gun. It holds a number of bullets, so you can continue to shoot. Once the magazine is installed on the gun, all you have to do is fill it with bullets, just as you do when you load your gun. You can then shoot for as long as you have bullets in the extended magazine.

Some people do not like extended pistol magazines because they stick out of the gun. While this is the reality of the magazines, it’s more about functionality than attractiveness. If you can get over the fact that your gun looks mean, you will be much more likely to get over the unattractiveness of the extended magazine.

The best extended pistol magazine is one in which you can release and load easily and quickly. Fumbling with the magazine when you need to reload is not something you want to do, no matter if you’re at the range or you’re in a situation that requires you to continue to shoot as soon as possible. Be sure to choose an extended pistol magazine that is made for your pistol, so you don’t end up with difficulties when placing and replacing it.

Extended Magazines Available
Many extended pistol magazines are available. Depending on your pistol, there are 10, 25, and even 73 round magazines. It’s important to research the magazines you are considering because some of the low quality ones can jam, which can be more of a pain than having to reload all of the time. This is why it’s always good to go with high quality rather than quantity of rounds.

Shopping around is key to find the best extended pistol magazine for your gun. As you shop around, always consider reading reviews on the magazines to ensure you’re choosing one that not only fits your gun, but also performs as expected.Extended pistol magazines are your answer to more shooting time. Whether you’re at the range or in a dangerous situation, you can depend on an extended pistol magazine to allow you to shoot for as long as you need to.

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