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Police buckle with gear

Study: Lenient Gun Laws Boost Cop Shootings

Fatal police shootings are less common in stricter gun states.

We all know states that have "strict" gun laws and those who are deemed "not so strict." Well, if you rank those states from least strict to most strict and then look at the number of civilians who are killed by police officers with guns in…
gun rack holding assorted rifles and semi-automatic weapons

Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher and More Turned in During LA Gun Buyback

772 guns are now destined to be melted down.

Nearly 800 guns, including an anti-tank rocker launcher, were turned in to the LAPD's recent gun buyback event. The LAPD's annual gun buyback event was held in May. The owners who handed over the guns for either $100 or $200 Target gift cards. Since the agency began…
blurred view of a young girl (6-8) trying to pick up pistol

Detroit DA Going After Parents of Kids Involved in Gun Accidents

She believes kids being able to access a gun is a crime.

A Detroit district attorney named Kym Worthy is on a campaign to prosecute parents whose kids die in accidental shootings because they accessed a gun in the home or car. She believes accidental shootings like this are a punishable crime. We agree. In Detroit, over the…
Philippine Government Tightens Gun Ownership Laws

Philippine Government Tightens Gun Ownership Laws

President blames easy access to guns for crime.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte blamed easy access to guns and ammunition as cause for continuing crime in his country. As a result, the Philippine government is expected to tighten the rules on gun ownership in that country. President Duterte said the government should improve the regulation of…
Shotgun Class at A Girl and a Gun

Women’s Shooting Group Spotlight: A Girl and a Gun Women’s Shooting League

Shooting groups build camaraderie and education.

A Girl and A Gun Women’s Shooting League (AG&AG) came about because of the concept that women often enjoy the camaraderie of meeting with like-minded women and learning in a structured setting. “I got the idea for AG&AG while trying to build my business as…

$1.26 Million for Dog Shot By Police

You can't put a price on companionship.

I wouldn't want to have to put a price tag on how much someone would have to pay me if they wanted to take my dog away from me. Or, God forbid, I had to get compensated in case something happened to him. In this…