Update: Nationwide Manhunt Suspect Kills Himself

Steve Stephens has a concealed carry license.

Nationwide Manhunt for Steve Stephens - Be Alert

Update: Steve Stephens has killed himself following a brief pursuit in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania State Police say that Stephens was spotted in Erie, Pennsylvania, about 100 miles east of Cleveland, where the original shooting incident occurred. Authorities tried to pull him over but he shot himself.

What started out as a manhunt in states surrounding Ohio is now a nationwide manhunt, so keep your eyes peeled folks. You probably heard about the man, Steve Stephens, who shot a seemingly random elderly victim and streamed the attack on Facebook. This happened on Easter Sunday. Now, as of writing this on the afternoon of April 16, the manhunt is nationwide and there is now a $50,000 reward.

Steve Stephens, 37, is reported to have a concealed carry license. He said in the video, which has been removed, that he “snapped” and couldn’t take it anymore. He shot a man named Robert Godwin Sr., who was 74, for seemingly no reason other than that he was upset about his girlfriend. Stephens forced Godwin to say the name of his girlfriend before opening fire. Investigators initially warned residents of Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan and Indiana, all states that are in proximity to Ohio, to be on the alert. When Stephens failed to be apprehended, police then turned to a nationwide manhunt and sent out the alert for everyone to be on the look out.

Stephens also claimed that he had killed 13 other people, but investigators stressed that there’s no evidence of that at this time.

The report I’m reading now, from yesterday at noon, said that “investigators are doing everything they can to track him down, but still have no clue where he might be.” Police say Stephens is believed to be driving a white 2016 Ford Fusion with temporary plates. The girlfriend, Joy Lane, has reportedly been taken into protective custody. We hope that Stephens is found soon, but if not, there’s no telling where he might turn up so wherever you are be vigilant. This is obviously a man who is having a mental breakdown.