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The man takes aim at the target with a sniper strikeball rifle. Selective Focus. Side view

Getting Back to Shooting Basics

Stance, muscle control and mindset are key.

Sometimes the best thing you can do to improve a skill is to get back to the basics. Simple things like breathing, relaxing, and slowing down can improve accuracy and increase confidence. To discharge the firearm you must pull the trigger. Sounds simple enough, right? In…
Armored Tank

The Army’s Futuristic New Tank Design

A cannon that can fire up to 200 rounds per minute!

The Army nixed some features of its future Ground Combat Vehicle, but some of the features they are keeping are pretty nifty. For instance, the new tank may use a 30mm cannon weapon called the ATK-built XM813. The weapon is computer-controlled and electronically driven and can…
Here's why law enforcement officers like Glocks

Why Law Enforcement Chooses Glock

The Glock continues to be the top choice

If there’s one weapon law enforcement uses the most, it’s the Glock. This gun, named after engineer Gaston Glock, the founder of the company, has been the backup weapon of police officers and security guards for years, and it’ll continue to trump all other pistols…
Springfield Armory limited edition Chris Kyle gun

Springfield Armory Rolls Out Limited Edition Pistol As Tribute To Sniper Chris Kyle

Gun manufacturer creates elite firearm in late sniper's tribute

Springfield Armory is introducing a limited edition Chris Kyle TRP Operator as a part of the Legend Series of pistols. The company is in partnership with the Chris Kyle Foundation and the Kyle family in this special tribute to the late Navy SEALS veteran and…

5 Ways Skeletonized AR-15s Change The Game

Do They Really Enhance The Shooting Experience Or Just Look Cool?

If you've been following Demolition Ranch on YouTube, you likely saw a pretty candid introduction of the latest craze: skeletonized AR-15s.  "Skeletonized" refers to manufacturers and gun makers taking out any excess metal in the frame of a gun until it only has the bare…