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Handgun lying on American flag

Wired Says We Have a Gun Addiction

There are other ways to look at the numbers.

Yesterday, Wired magazine published an article called "America's Got a Gun Addition. These Numbers Prove It." I bet you can think of other ways to interpret these numbers, as I did. Here goes. 1. More than 11 million firearms are manufactured in the US each year. Our…
Tips for First Time Gun Buyers

Tips For First Time Gun Buyers

Gun buying tips for first time gun purchasers

So you're thinking of buying a gun? This article runs down some tips for first-time gun buyers that will help you plan for and think through your purchase. Once you decide on the type of gun you want, there are still other considerations that people…
Marijuana Patients Can't Buy Guns

Marijuana Patients Can’t Buy Guns

Federal appeals court agrees to ban gun sales to medical marijuana patients

Public sentiment about marijuana use as medication is slowly changing, but the government's view isn't changing along with society's views. Not only did the FDA refuse to reclassify marijuana out of the Schedule 1 category of the hardest drugs that includes heroin and cocaine, a…
How to Clean a Synthetic Gun Stock

How to Clean a Synthetic Gun Stock

A few ways work, depending on how you want it to look afterwards.

The reason most gun owners choose a synthetic gun stock is because of the low maintenance that comes along with having it. A synthetic stock does need some attention, though. One of the most common questions asked is how to clean a synthetic gun stock.…
My latest gun purchase was the Springfield 40 Caliber Mod 2 Sub-Compact pistol. Here's why

Why I Bought the Springfield 40 Caliber Mod 2 Sub-Compact Pistol

Here are the reasons I decided to purchase this pistol

My latest gun purchase was the Springfield 40 Caliber Mod 2 Sub-Compact pistol. I don’t make gun purchases very often, and I definitely don’t make them without researching first. That’s why I thought it would be a good idea to write about the reasons I…
Hilary Clinton Donald Trump gun control

What the Presidential Candidates Say About Guns

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's own words on gun control

As of now, voters have narrowed the presidential race to two candidates: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Have you decided who you will vote for yet? Gun control is not the only issue that is important to voters, but it is certainly at the top. ABC…