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Artist Michael Murphy gun art Identity Crisis

America Is Made of Guns in This Art Project

Clever optical illusion sends message about gun control.

Artist Michael Murphy made a statement about guns and their threats of power and intimidation. This installation took place last year at the 2016 Truth to Power art show in Philadelphia, but we just found out about this thanks to a video someone shared with…
Close up of barrel of shotgun aiming at man with his hands up

Don’t Underestimate the Risks of Using Your Gun

Only you can make the right choice.

We've heard a few stories lately of people who felt that they were "defending" themselves only to end up facing a murder charge. Here's another example. Why do we tell you about these stories? We don't want Guns Today readers to end up killing someone and…
Popcorn in Your Hair Is Not a Good Reason to Use Your Gun

Popcorn in Your Hair Is Not a Good Reason to Use Your Gun

Don't be the aggressor, because you'll be the one to pay.

Last month we published "A Reminder About Using Deadly Force." That article was in response to an incident in Minnesota where a man fired his gun at a group of people he believed had attempted to burglarize his home. Problem was, they were in their…
16 Shotguns Stolen From Cleaned-Out Gun Safe in Ohio

16 Shotguns Stolen From Cleaned-Out Gun Safe in Ohio

We can learn some lessons from this.

This news brief made us stop to think...The headline from The Marietta Times in Marietta, Ohio, read, "16 shotguns stolen from Newport Township home." We got to wondering how this could happen. Were all 16 shotguns just lying around? The news report raises more questions than…
don't cross police line tape

We Love Our Guns, But We Should Still Address Public Safety

Is any gun control bad?

As gun owners we tend to automatically eschew any measures at gun control. Have we lost our objectivity? My circle of friends is saturated with liberals. Some of them own firearms, but most do not. Even though I'm a gun owner, I have to admit…
Pictures of used bullets and cartridges

Lead Shot OK For Hunting on Federal Lands

The environment takes a hit on this one.

A lot of hunters that we know approve of the use of non-lead shot when they're hunting because the lead poisoning can have a serious affect on wildlife. Non-lead shot is more expensive than traditional shot, which is why a lot of hunters don't want…