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#WinWithWalther Dominates 2017 Missouri State Championship

#WinWithWalther Dominates 2017 Missouri State Championship

The next winner could be you if you shoot with a Walther!

Walther Arms, Inc. continues their promise to pay competitors using Walther Arms products in the competition shooting space. “As the competition year continues we are seeing a heavy increase in participants winning with Walther products. The program is exciting and offers competitors cash for placing…
Semi-Automatics vs Revolvers - which Is Better?

Semi-Automatics vs Revolvers – Which Is Better?

Let's debate, just for fun.

I know this is a debate that will never have a proven winner on either side. But just for fun, let's get the party started. Neither a semi-automatic or a revolver is perfect. They both have pros. They both have cons. Which is why a true…
Are You In Chip's Nation?

Are You in Chip’s Nation?

An easy way to do some good.

When I went to SHOT Show earlier this year one of the people I talked to asked me if I had met Chip yet. I hadn't, and they showed me their Chip's Nation wristband and told me to look it up. Well, here I am…
Close up of .22 caliber long rifle cartridges on white background.

Why Do We Like .22s So Much?

Easy, cheap and fun has something to do with it!

People who love to shoot love rimfire rifles and ammunition. Why? The ammunition is affordable and the guns are fun to shoot. A rifle like a .22 is easy to transport and works well for small game. The don't have a lot of recoil and because…
Accidental Gun Misfires and Gun Malfunctions Pose Safety Risk

Accidental Gun Misfires and Gun Malfunctions Pose Safety Risk

Always be cautious!

We recently read two stories on the same day about gun misfires and malfunctions. One was that a man in Vero Beach, Florida was shot and injured by a malfunctioning gun at a gun range on a Monday afternoon in April.  The second was that…
Close-up Of Judge Holding Document With Gavel At Desk

Crime Of Passion Or Self Defense?

Dangerous triangle among roommates.

We've been posting a lot of "murder or self-defense" stories lately. It's food for thought and also helps us remember that there are times when it is not in our own best interests to use our gun. Even if we're armed and trained, we can…