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An Uzi was used by the Secret Service to protect Ronald Reagan following the assassination attempt on his life.

Is the Uzi the Best Submachine Gun Ever?

That's a loaded question (I know, ouch).

Is the Uzi the best SMG ever? That's a loaded question (I know, ouch). Those of us in the firearms community know the Uzi is outdated and no longer in service to most of the agencies that adopted them originally. Often times, it is replaced by the…
close-up on hand loading 9mm bullets into the gun magazine

Using Gun Magazines and Wearing Them Out

Myths and facts.

With magazines in the news in California lately, and some other conversations I've had lately with people about magazines, an article about this topic seemed like a good idea. We spend a lot of money and time on the firearms that we carry. However magazines are…
Hunting shotguns on haystack while halt during sunrise, soft focus on shutgun butt. Main focus is on breech block

Are Cheaper Hearing Aids a Threat to Hunters?

We think there's more going on here.

ABC News is reporting that a gun rights group is organizing opposition to a proposal to lower the cost of hearing aids. A bipartisan group of senators introduced the measure, that is unnamed in the very short article we're seeing.  It says the bill would allow…
"Last Man Standing' Cancellation Doesn't Sit Well

“Last Man Standing’ Cancellation Doesn’t Sit Well

Was it cancelled because of the guns?

Tim Allen, the actor, played Mike Baxter on the popular sitcom "Last Man Standing." Baxter was a conservative family man who was the marketing executive for a fictional sporting goods store called Outdoor Man. As was fitting with his character, the Outdoor Man had a…
University of Texas Campus Carry Ban

Texas’s “Sanctuary City” Status Leads to Lawmaker Gun Threat

Republican Rinaldi makes gun threat.

Republican lawmakers seem to be losing their cool lately. Just days after a report surfaced of Montana GOP House candidate (at the time) Greg Gianforte* with assaulting a reporter who questioned him a bit too harshly about health care, a new report involving a Republican…
Early Release Domestic Violence Shooter Had 64 Guns

Early Release Domestic Violence Shooter Had 64 Guns

Judge regrets his decision to let him out early.

The system fails people. We all know it. But sometimes the cases in which the system fails people also fail explanation. In this case in Newark, Ohio, a judge is regretting his decision to let a man out of jail on early release after he…