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Why the 9mm is a good starter pistol

5 Reasons a 9 Millimeter Is a Good Starter Pistol

Pistols vary, it’s important to know which pistol to start with

There’s nothing like putting a pistol in your hand for the first time. It’s powerful, smooth, and comes with a feeling of both power and responsibility. As you’re considering a starter gun, it’s important to know which pistol to start with. Why the 9 Millimeter Is…
Identilock smart technology to childproof guns

Smart Gun Technology: Fingerprint Recognition Helps Childproof Guns

Identilock Most Childproof Device for Gun Safety?

Smart gun technology is designed to make firearms safer. If there's a way to make guns childproof, it might garner even more interest. Omer Kiyani, the developer of Identilock, found stories of teen suicides and accidental shooting deaths disturbing. He responded by coming up with…
Here's why law enforcement officers like Glocks

Why Law Enforcement Chooses Glock

The Glock continues to be the top choice

If there’s one weapon law enforcement uses the most, it’s the Glock. This gun, named after engineer Gaston Glock, the founder of the company, has been the backup weapon of police officers and security guards for years, and it’ll continue to trump all other pistols…
Pollsters prefer concealed carry

Pollsters Overwhelmingly Prefer Concealed Carry

An MSNBC poll reveals that majority believe guns should be allowed in public

The news site MSNBC is hosting a poll on its website that is asking, "Do you think people should be allowed to carry guns in public?" The answer choices are, 'Yes! The Second Amendment guarantees it,' 'No, it's too dangerous,' and 'Only for self-defense.' As of mid-day…
September 2016 Gun Background Checks Highest on Record

Gun Sales Soar – Could Fox News Be Why?

Why are Americans buying more guns now than ever?

Americans have been buying guns for a variety of reasons – security, hunting, and collecting to name a few. But are these the reasons gun sales have soared the past few years? Many experts say no. Some experts believe a big reason why Americans have been buying…
Hilary Clinton Donald Trump gun control

Clinton’s Unwarranted Rifle Banning Threat

Why it can't actually happen

Hillary Clinton has voiced many times that she wants to do something about United States’ gun culture. Specifically, she wants to review the Supreme Court’s decision in the Heller case that allow citizens to own guns. That’s not all though--she wants to remove the protection of…