Underwater Lionfish Hunting with a Glock Handgun

No limit on this catch and the gun gives it a twist.

Underwater lionfish hunting with a Glock Handgun

Florida hunters don’t just stay on land during hunting season. Some of them take to the water, and now they can take their Glock with them. Yes, it’s true. In Florida, lionfish are in abundance, so many fishermen/hunters enjoy the sport of hunting them. The thrill comes from being able to hunt them in the water.

Recently, Courtland Hunt from Bradenton, Florida, posted a video on YouTube of him using his modified Glock handgun to kill a lionfish. To effectively shoot in the water, Hunt modified the gun with a longer barrel and he used non-toxic lead-free ammunition.

Since lionfish fishing/hunting isn’t exactly a popular sport, especially with a handgun, why did Hunt try it out? It’s just because he loves guns. “I’m fascinated by guns, but tired of seeing videos on how many watermelons, CDs, or marshmallows can a bullet travel through. However, I can now tell you that if a shark (or watermelon) were to attack me at almost any depth that a Glock 9mm would surely protect me,” says Hunt. To see the interesting video, click play here: https://youtu.be/6lG-snJZIV8

About Lionfish in Florida
Lionfish are considered an invasive species. They negatively impact the native species and their habitat. With them eating other fish and reefs and their overabundance, the marine life in Florida is suffering. They multiple quickly with females releasing 12,000 to 15,000 eggs every four days! The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) recommends that anyone who is able to remove lionfish from Florida waters to do so to preserve the native marine life and ecosystems in the state. Most of the time, lionfish are speared, caught in nets, or with hook and line. There is no limit to how many lionfish can be caught and disposed of in Florida. And, we hear they’re good eating.

The sport of hunting lionfish in Florida has been gaining in popularity over the last few years when overpopulating began. Approximately, 14,000 lionfish are removed from Florida waters every year on Lionfish Day in Florida, with prizes being awarded for various catches for the smallest, heaviest, and lightest lionfish. With Hunt’s modified Glock handgun, he may be taking the lead on all categories, as he will be able to kill more than most people. Maybe as more people see the video, they will also be motivated to modify a Glock in the same way to help deal with the overabundance of lionfish that are quickly taking over Florida waters. But, we wonder. . . do you call it fishing or hunting?