Collectible Rifle Designed for Nebraska’s 150th Birthday

$3195 for a Henry Big Boy .45 caliber colt rifle


As the state of Nebraska prepares to celebrate its 150th birthday next year in March, they’re already planning a full slate of special events. One of those markers of the historic day is a collectible rifle that is already on sale.

Only 150 of the Henry Big Boy .45-caliber colt rifles are on sale, and 20 of the numbered pieces have been sold as of last week. The rifles have 24-karat gold and polished nickel engravings of images associated with Nebraska. The engraving include a sod house, the state capitol, chimney rock, and the state bird and tree.

A $1,000 deposit is required for purchase. Buyers can select the edition number they want. The rifle won’t go into production for the buyer until the deposit is received, and reports say it takes about 8 weeks to finalize the manufacture of the gun. After the production is complete, the gun will be sent to a dealer of the buyer’s choice, where a background check will be processed, the remainder of the balance is paid, and the paperwork completed for the transfer.

The base model firearm is an Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight, made in the United States. The shotguns are plated with a durable 24-karat gold finish. the gun has a walnut buttstock.

All the rifles commissioned for Nebraska’s Sesquicentennial will come with a display case. Order your collectible rifle from Nebraska’s statehood website:

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