Millions of Fake Glock Magazines Seized

US Customs has been busy.

Customs Seizes a Shipping Container Filled with Fake Glock Magazines

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has seized a shipping container in Savannah, Georgia. The container held 591 shipping cartons filled with more than $2 million in fake Glock magazines. The bust was made public on Savannah news stations on February 16.

The shipping manifest declared the magazines, which bore the Glock trademark. However, the shipment was unauthorized and was found to be in violation of the registered trademark. The company was given an opportunity to make alterations to the shipment but did not do so and the shipment was seized.

The shipment had a suggested retail price of $2.1 million. The article did not say who the shipment was intended for, or where it originated from.

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