An Active Shooter Incident in San Bernardino Results in Multiple Victims

Reports Confirm Two Shooters and Fourteen Killed

Armed North Carolina Teenager Scares Off 3 Home Invaders

Police in San Bernardino California are reporting 14 casualties and 21 injuries as a result of an active shooter incident yesterday. The couple who carried out the attack were killed in a gunfight with police after the incident.

The incident occurred at the Inland Regional Center, a social services center that provides support to more than 30,000 people and employs hundreds east of Los Angeles. It appears that the couple were intent on killing at a holiday party held there.

The motives for the violence are still being investigated. Officials are considering terrorism as well as workplace grievances as possible motivations for the couple’s violent act.

San Bernardino police reported finding hundreds of additional rounds of ammunition for AR-15 and handguns in the attackers’ vehicle. It is clear that they were planning on causing more devastation. The couple arrived at the scene of the shooting wearing black tactical gear.

Additional explosive devices were reported to be found at the home of the shooters. At this time, no notes or messages have been found that give more information as to their future plans.

It appears that the firearms and ammunition were purchased legally. Statements and legislative action is expected from local and national government.