Gov. Malloy (D-CT) Wants To “Seize The Moment” AND Plenty Of Americans’ Right To Bear Arms

Using A Secret List Of Federal "Naughty & Nice" To Determine Who Gets Their Second Amendment

Gov dan malloy ct seizing more than just moments

HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT — There’s a list that the federal government keeps behind closed doors.  You don’t have access to it.  You can’t see if your name is on it.  But next time you board a plane, you could find yourself on a “No Fly” list.  It’s a database populated by everyone the federal government thinks is a threat.  How do you get added?  Well, that process seems pretty “up in the air” as well.  So up in the air even the ACLU has come out against it.

There’s no courts, no trials, and no real clear form of appeals.

But don’t worry, it’s not just you the federal government is worried about — it’s small children, too.  In two separate cases detailed earlier this year, a British child was taken off a flight and treated like a terror suspect because his name was on the “No Fly” list.  Another child, too young to even speak full sentences, was already considered a terrorist by the federal government at only 18 months old.

Well, glad we got that covered.  Neither of them were old enough to buy guns and guaranteeably never had a criminal record of any sort.  A system so faulty that people can be targeted and selected at random, without any charges, is now the added “safety feature” Connecticut wants to add to gun sales.

Governor Daniel Malloy of the great state of Connecticut now believes this list is a great additional criteria to ban gun sales.

via NBC – Connecticut

“We intend to prevent, by executive order through my powers as governor, those on government watch lists from obtaining a permit to purchase a firearm in Connecticut,” the Democratic governor said in a news conference Thursday.

Apparently, there’s more than just the No Fly list and Gov. Malloy wants access to all of them to use as added screening processes when people are purchasing guns or applying for a concealed handgun permit.

All he’s waiting on?  The federal government.  As it turns out, the federal government doesn’t even trust its own states enough to have full access to the databases that hold the names of Americans — many of whom may have never even been formally charged with a crime.

“If approved, we will sign an executive order. We will take action. Like all Americans, I’ve been horrified by the recent terrorist attacks in California and Paris. This should be a wake-up call for all of us. This is a moment to seize here in America, and today, I am here to say in Connecticut, we are seizing this moment,” Malloy said.

Oh, it sure is a moment to wake up — for us.

If we ever needed one more shadowy thing to be done behind closed doors to unlawfully deny law-abiding citizen’s basic civil liberties, let’s go ahead and let that Second Amendment right on loose.

We’ve already canned the Sixth, right?

If you’re a resident of Connecticut, you are no doubt torn between the desire to be safe, keep guns out of the hands of terrorists, and live in a free country.  That is still possible — but this is the absolute worst way of going about it.

Reach out and touch someone — send a postcard, an email, even a concerned telephone call to Governor Malloy.

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