Masked Gunman Smashes Lady’s Cake

He acted calm, like he had done it before.

Masked Gunman Smashes Lady's Cake

In further strange news from Florida, a woman in Deltona told police she pulled into her driveway and saw a masked man pointing a gun at her. The woman was not identified, and neither was the gunman. She says she had a cake in one hand and groceries in the other.

The man was standing there, dressed all in black, with his face covered up, and pointing the gun. The man demanded money. When she said she didn’t have any money, he put his hand on the cake box and smashed it. The man seemed calm, “like he had some something similar before,” the report says.

The woman’s daughter was in the house while this was going on, and right after the cake smashing, the daughter opened the front door. He pointed the gun at her, then back at the woman with the cake. She screamed to her daughter to call 911 and at that point he ran away. Detectives in Deltona told WKMG that on the same night, another armed robbery happened five miles away and that they could be connected.

After this incident, the woman says she has gotten pepper spray and is warning others to keep an eye out. We’d echo that sentiment. And maybe not just pepper spray. Situational Awareness is important. I wonder if the woman pulled into the driveway and just didn’t see the guy. Let’s just assume she didn’t see him, because pulling into a driveway where there was a strange man standing would be a pretty foolish thing to do. Maybe he was standing in the shadows of the house and she truly didn’t see him until she got out of the car. But this is a reason not to take your familiar surroundings of home for granted. Someone could be in a bush or behind a corner and you might not know.