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Gun Shaped Key Not Welcome on Cruise

Couple’s Gun Shaped Key Not Welcome on Their Cruise

Can you tell the difference between a key and a gun?

File this somewhere between stupid and hard to believe. I can tell the difference between a gun and a key, even if the key is in the shape of a gun. But apparently for a cruise line the gun-shaped key was enough of a "threat"…

Here’s What Mike Rowe Really Thinks of “Gun Nuts”

He spoke at SHOT Show and some people didn't like it.

You know who Mike Rowe is...that down to earth guy who travels all over the place showing TV audiences all about the "dirty jobs" that people all over the country have to do. Well, he spoke at SHOT Show 2017. We missed it, unfortunately, because…
gun muzzle close up

The Truths of Gun Violence

Let's set the record straight on this.

MMany people believe guns lead to violence. This may seem like a reasonable belief, but it’s untrue. Guns do not equal more murders. Actually, research has repeatedly shown the number of violent crimes has decreased as the number of guns purchased has increased. So, what has…
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What Millennials Think About Guns

They are the next generation of gun owners.

Millennials are the next generation of gun owners. They range in age from 18 to 30 years of age. Understanding what they are thinking about guns can help set the stage for the next few years in the gun industry. According to The Christian Science Monitor,…
No One Wants to See This Gun Control Movie

Nobody Wants to See This Gun Control Movie

It's not even meeting low expectations.

Expectations were low for "Miss Sloane", a new Hollywood movie starring Jessica Chastaine, who was also in the film "Zero Dark Thirty." In the movie Chastaine is the film's leading lady. She plays Elizabeth, a top lawyer who leaves firm for a competitor when a powerful…
Which States Have the Most Gun Dealers?

Top Guns in America in 2016

What guns are Americans buying?

Gun sales are increasing, but what are people buying? If you’re in the market for a gun, you may be curious as to which ones are selling the most right now. The following are some of the most popular guns on the market today, so…