Why Law Enforcement Chooses Glock

The Glock continues to be the top choice

Here's why law enforcement officers like Glocks

If there’s one weapon law enforcement uses the most, it’s the Glock. This gun, named after engineer Gaston Glock, the founder of the company, has been the backup weapon of police officers and security guards for years, and it’ll continue to trump all other pistols for many years to come for law enforcement officers.

Why is the Glock the Weapon of Choice for Law Enforcement?

Officers choose the Glock for many of the same reasons gun owners choose it as part of their collection or just for security. From safety to reliability to general affordability, the Glock has many features that make it desirable.


It could be devastating for many people involved in a violent situation if an officer fires a gun and it jams. The Glock is remarkably reliable. It’s less likely to jam because it has a high quality build. It’s a trusted gun, which brings a lot of peace of mind to officers and other law enforcement professionals. The gun was intentionally designed to have a minimal amount of malfunctions, including minor jams that can be cleared without tools.

Inexpensive to Modify

Officers require a weapon that can protect themselves and citizens in many situations. The Glock is extremely inexpensive to modify compared to other guns. Officers can add sites for accuracy, grips for stability, and magazines for more rounds.

Takedown and Cleaning

Taking the gun apart for cleaning is simple. The Glock can be taken apart in about a minute and cleaned in just a few minutes. The Glock “Safe Action” pistol has only 34 parts, much less than other semi-automatic pistol designs. Also, the parts of any Glock are interchangeable.

Tight Group/High Accuracy

The Glock is perfect for officers needing to take down a violent individual from a long distance. Officers trained with the Glock enjoy the accuracy they get with this weapon, even when they are not very experienced with shooting. The Glock 19 has 15 rounds in the magazine, rather than six rounds. It also takes less heft to pull the trigger, meaning that accuracy in general can be improved for many shooters.


The legal system in the United States tries to keep costs low, so they want officers to carry weapons that don’t take a lot of money to maintain. The Glock is highly durable thanks to its body being made of polymer that won’t dent or crack.


The Glock G-19 weighs only 30.18 ounces, loaded. This makes it much lighter than a comparable pistol made of steel.

Civilians Using the Glock

Those not in law enforcement turn to the Glock for the same reasons as above, except they use it for their own personal safety. In a world where people are continuously being reminded there are people around them with weapons looking to terrorize Americans, the Glock has become one of the most sought\-after guns. Consider this weapon for yourself if you’re looking for a good quality gun for protection or gun range shooting.

Image of the Glock 19 courtesy of Glock.com