Here’s What Mike Rowe Really Thinks of “Gun Nuts”

He spoke at SHOT Show and some people didn't like it.

Here s What Mike Rowe Really Thinks of Gun Nuts

You know who Mike Rowe is…that down to earth guy who travels all over the place showing TV audiences all about the “dirty jobs” that people all over the country have to do. Well, he spoke at SHOT Show 2017. We missed it, unfortunately, because we hadn’t arrived yet for some of the first-day activities. But we were pleased to see his response when someone on Facebook didn’t like him talking about his appearance at the Show.

He has 4.5 million followers on Facebook. One of them, “Marla W.”, read his post about his appearance at SHOT Show 2017. She said”he lost her as a fan for daring to appear with “a bunch of gun nuts” who fuel “faux patriotism.”

Rowe has a foundation called Mike Rowe Works that helps train people for jobs. His talk at SHOT Show focused on training and skills to keep Americans employed. He also supports the SEAL Family Foundation, which offers assistance to families of Naval Special Warfare. Rather than focusing on the “gun nut” claim, Rowe gave a classy response:

“One things for sure — while I’m at there, I’m going to make sure I see my friends at the SEAL Family Foundation,” Mr. Rowe said “You’d love these guys, Marla. They look after the families of those involved with Naval Special Warfare. Remember Ty Woods and Glenn Dougherty [sic] — two of the men who died in Benghazi? The SEAL Family Foundation raised over $500,000 for their memorial fund. Anyway, they have a booth at The SHOT Show, so I’m going to stop by and thank them for their efforts, as well as for their help with a team-building event I arranged for my staff before Christmas.”

Thanks Mike! We’re sorry we missed you but appreciate that you’re not tolerating hate where it doesn’t belong.