“Last Man Standing’ Cancellation Doesn’t Sit Well

Was it cancelled because of the guns?

"Last Man Standing' Cancellation Doesn't Sit Well

Tim Allen, the actor, played Mike Baxter on the popular sitcom “Last Man Standing.” Baxter was a conservative family man who was the marketing executive for a fictional sporting goods store called Outdoor Man. As was fitting with his character, the Outdoor Man had a gun counter. And there was a gun cabinet in the Baxter household on the show. And, shocker!, the family talked about hunting.

Many viewers who liked the show speculated that the show was canned because of Tim Allen’s open support of President Trump and his openly right-wing views in general. The network denies this, naturally, but the rumors that this is the real reason the show was canceled persist.

If you’re an outdoor family and you liked “Last Man Standing,” consider getting in touch with executives at ABC (you can give programming feedback here: http://abc.go.com/feedback) and letting them know whether or not you supported the cancellation of “Last Man Standing” or not, and why.

The series was a popular mainstay n ABS Friday nights for six years. Millions of people watched it, including more than 8 million in its last season–so it was not exactly an unpopular show.

Image from hollywoodreporter.com with credit to Michael Ansell/ABC