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Sig Sauer P320 Compact

Glock Lodges Protest Over Army’s New Gun

The Army chose Sig Sauer instead.

We reported a month ago that the Army announced that Sig Sauer would be its replacement gun maker. We also predicted that Glock would not be happy about the decision. The Army announced in January that it would replace the M9 Beretta, its soldiers' sidearm for…
Customs Seizes a Shipping Container Filled with Fake Glock Magazines

Millions of Fake Glock Magazines Seized

US Customs has been busy.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has seized a shipping container in Savannah, Georgia. The container held 591 shipping cartons filled with more than $2 million in fake Glock magazines. The bust was made public on Savannah news stations on February 16. The shipping manifest declared the…
Is Remington Avoiding Responsibility for Gun Defect?

Is Remington Avoiding Responsibility for Gun Defect?

The gun maker is in the hot seat with class-action lawsuit.

A 60 Minutes program that aired on February 19, 2017  held gun maker Remington to the coals. Correspondent Lesley Stahl did an expose on a sad incident in which a 15-year-old man from Mississippi, Zac Stringer, loaded his Remington 700 rifle with the stated intention…

Wilson Combat Releases 4 New Handguns for 2017

All new models.

Wilson Combat has released the EDC 9 Professional, EDC 9 Compact, CQB Commander Compact, and Ultralight Carry Commander Compact. All 4 are new models for 2017. These are not cheap guns. But they are well made and nice firing weapons. Wilson Professional EDC 9 Professional 10-round capacity and…
Semiautomatic AR-15 Type Rifle in 5.56mm with red dot optic. Image taken November 2016.

California Gun Law Threatened By $10 Part

An interesting invention.

California has some strict gun laws. So strict that most people in the gun world believe they are unconstitutional. A Shasta, California, man is responding with a part that he thinks may beat one of the laws that people don't agree with. John Bastiani with Bastiani…
Firearms Coloring Book

Teach Your Kids Gun Safety with a Gun Coloring Book

Brilliant idea.

We admit that when we first heard of this idea we couldn't believe no one had thought about doing it before. At least not that we know of. Freelance graphic designer Sara Westman of Boise, Idaho, created something she said she looked for and couldn't…