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Custer’s Last Stand Pistol Up For Auction

A 'piece' of history

Even if you don't know exactly what happened at this historic event, you surely recognize the names associated with it...Custer, Little Big Horn, Sitting Bull. We call it Custer's Last Stand, and it took place in 1876 in Montana, when Lt. Col. George Custer fought Lakota,…
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Colt Expands and Adds Jobs in Connecticut

Bucking the trend of the "Trump Slump".

We recently reported that the gun industry is responding to the "Trump Slump" in gun sales by laying off people. Remington laid off 120 workers and gun manufacturer stocks are plummeting as people are buying a lot less guns since the election. Well, Colt announced that…
Which State Is most Dependent On Guns?

Which State Is Most Dependent On Guns?

Take a guess.

On March 15 WalletHub published the results of a survey aimed at determining which state was most dependent on the gun industry. Since we've been publishing reports of the gun industry being in a "Trump Slump" since the new president was elected, we know that…
Ruger AR-556 State Compliant

Ruger Introduces State Compliant AR-556

Legal for sale in several states.

On March 17, 2017, Ruger announced the Ruger AR-556. This version of their semiautomatic rifle weapon meets standards making it legal for sale in Colorado and Maryland, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Puerto Rico. The new gun lacks some of the features of the AR-15 which make…
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How the Gun Industry is Responding to the “Trump Slump”

What's in store for gun people this year.

All the danger signs of an industry slump are out there right now...gun stocks are plunging since Donald Trump became president. CNN's Money program said gun stocks were "tanking." The fear of restricted access to guns  meant that a lot more people were buying guns…
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Canadian Company Detects Concealed Weapons With Radar

It's already developed.

This isn't science fiction or an idea that is far off in the future. A company in Canada has developed a weapons detection system called Patriot One Technologies that uses technology to scan for metallic objects that could be concealed weapons. The technology is based on…