Teach Your Kids Gun Safety with a Gun Coloring Book

Brilliant idea.

Firearms Coloring Book

We admit that when we first heard of this idea we couldn’t believe no one had thought about doing it before. At least not that we know of. Freelance graphic designer Sara Westman of Boise, Idaho, created something she said she looked for and couldn’t find: a coloring book devoted to firearm safety. While it seems like it’s geared towards older kids, anyone who enjoys coloring and firearms would enjoy this, we think.

Admittedly, Westman wasn’t just out of the blue on this idea. She does live in Idaho after all, and has experience as an illustrator for firearms. In that capacity she creates blueprint-type drawings of all the gun components as well as gun branding illustrations. She put similar detail into these coloring pages. She has more than 30 firearms illustrations in the book. In an interview I found with Westman, she says she looked for a similar coloring book about two years ago and didn’t find one. Eventually she set about bringing it into existence. She said she wanted a “high-detail, visually correct firearm coloring book”

The book is ideal for older kids as well as adults. The book includes the four rules of firearm safety and can be used as a conversation starter for kids. It’s a way to introduce kids to guns you may not have in the home, so they can learn to know what they look like. You can color along with the kids and talk to them about the different gun parts and their functions. A first printing run of 1,000 was ordered for the books. It is highly likely that another batch of books will need to be ordered.

Shipping began the first week of February. The book sells on her site, Kit Fox Design Group, for $15.

Image from kitfoxdesigngoup.com