A Simple Attachment May Make Cops’ Shots Less Lethal

It’s called “The Alternative” and it only costs $45. Could it be the answer to the calls for increased restrictions on law enforcement?

The alternative

Designed by Alternative Ballistics in California, the device is designed to attach to the muzzle of the firearm, slowing the bullet to around one-fifth of its’ potential power after firing.

Law enforcement officers will carry their standard firearm as usual, but will also have the Alternative device on their weak side belt location. If it’s necessary, the officer is to grab the device with the non-dominant hand and quickly attach it to the firearm.

The initial shot removes the device, leaving the follow-up shots to be fully lethal.

The manufacturer of the device claims that the initial shot is as accurate as any bullet fired by a trained officer. The damage is enough to cause severe pain to the assailant and could be enough to deter further aggression.

Communities are calling on law enforcement to investigate more defense options that are less lethal to potential criminals in light of recent events around the country that have caused conflict.

Law enforcement agencies express concern that attaching the device could disrupt the precious few moments in the middle of a violent incident that allow for defense.

Effective use of such attachments require intensive training in use and discretion during violent incidents.