California Gun Law Threatened By $10 Part

An interesting invention.

Semiautomatic AR-15 Type Rifle in 5.56mm with red dot optic. Image taken November 2016.

California has some strict gun laws. So strict that most people in the gun world believe they are unconstitutional. A Shasta, California, man is responding with a part that he thinks may beat one of the laws that people don’t agree with.

John Bastiani with Bastiani Arms is looking for a way to make guns like the AR-15 compliant with California’s laws. Under California’s new gun laws, an “assault weapon” is one in which an semi-automatic center fire rifle, such as an AR-15 gun does not have a fixed magazine but does have some features such as a flash suppressor and pistol grip. The product releases AR-15 magazines via rapid disassembly. If a gun has a “bullet button” installed, which rapidly releases the magazine, it is considered to be compliant. Bastiani has responded to that by creating a product that modifies the AR so that it is compliant. Bastiani’s product is a way to avoid the button installation.

The problem, he says, with other similar products on the market is that they are too expensive.

“Things that are on the market now cost upwards of $50, per gun to convert and make them legal,” he told KRCR TV. “There needs to be a cheap solution. There might be people out there with 10 guns that they need to convert and at $50 per gun that’s cost prohibitive.”

Their product, which is just a cut piece of metal, replaces the bolt catch on the left side of a gun. The product is only one piece of steel and does not require any skill to install. They are calling the Part MOD1, for lack of a better name at the moment. When the part is installed, the gun will release the magazine rapidly, but only during disassembly. They have plans to start producing MOD by March.