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November On Pace to Be Seventh Straight Month of Soaring Gun Sales

FBI Processes a Record Number of Background Checks

Gun sales reached all-time highs during the summer months of 2015, and the rates have kept their momentum into the fall. The soaring sales are motivated by violent incidents and talk from some political leaders. 1,979,759 background checks for firearms were processed by the Federal Bureau…
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Two New Handguns in New Bond Movie Cause Uproar

Manufacturers stand to benefit from brand placement.

Fans of the 007 franchise know that James Bond thrives on product placement. The movies are filled with fast cars, high fashion, and high-class nosh, all on glittering display for millions of eager viewers. It’s safe to say that top-level placement in the latest installment of…
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Polymer Casings Could Mean the End of Traditional Brass

Traditional metal casings for ammunition is about to face some serious competition.

Polymer casings are up to 30% lighter than their brass counterparts, and they’re turning heads in the gun world. A company named PCP is making a polymer-cased ammunition that’s seriously cutting down on the amount of weight that civilians and soldiers must carry. Cartridges can be…

Marine Corps Increases Focus on Updating Current Weapons Systems

New changes and better effectiveness are coming to the battlefield.

It's called the Small Arms Modernization Strategy, and it could mean big changes on the battlefield. The Marine Corps places high value not only on effectiveness of their small arms, but also on their mobility and durability that can influence speed and muscle fatigue. That means…

A Simple Attachment May Make Cops’ Shots Less Lethal

It’s called “The Alternative” and it only costs $45. Could it be the answer to the calls for increased restrictions on law enforcement?

Designed by Alternative Ballistics in California, the device is designed to attach to the muzzle of the firearm, slowing the bullet to around one-fifth of its’ potential power after firing. Law enforcement officers will carry their standard firearm as usual, but will also have the Alternative…