Glock’s Army Protest Dismissed

The Army can now move on with its choice for a new service firearm.

Glock's Army Protest Dismissed

We reported about 4 months ago that Glock had lodged a protest over the Army’s choice to select the Sig Sauer P320 to replace its M9 Beretta sidearm.

After the Sig Sauer was chosen,  Glock filed a formal protest with the U.S. Government Accountability Office on February 24, 2017. The protest put on hold the Army’s plans to test its XM17 Handgun System. They couldn’t proceed with testing until the protest is resolved.

Well, now Glock’s formal protest has been dismissed, meaning that the $480 million handgun contract can move forward and the Army can begin using its newest sidearm. The GAO (Government Accountability Office) reviews protests to federal contract awards. They had to review Glock’s claim before the contract could move forward. The GAO has now dismissed Glock’s claim that the contract was unfair in a few ways. Namely, that the Army didn’t properly consider Glock’s proposal.

The M9 9mm has been the Army’s service firearm since 1995.

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