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Sig Sauer Caliber X-Change Kits

New Sig Sauer P226 Factory Caliber X-Change Kits

Great gun, great pricing, great timing.

If you own a P226 or you're just a fan I don't have to tell you the virtues of this rugged, handsome, completely battle tested pistol. It was the longtime choice of the U.S. Navy Seals. I could go on but none of that is…
Sig Sauer Virtus interchangeable rifle

The Era of Lego Weapons

The necessity of these weapons is not going away.

I am a military firearms collector and love the history of world politics. Usually, advancement of weapons on a global scale is the direct consequence of failure of politics to solve situations between nations or factions. For the last century and the 17 years of…
Glock's Army Protest Dismissed

Glock’s Army Protest Dismissed

The Army can now move on with its choice for a new service firearm.

We reported about 4 months ago that Glock had lodged a protest over the Army's choice to select the Sig Sauer P320 to replace its M9 Beretta sidearm. After the Sig Sauer was chosen,  Glock filed a formal protest with the U.S. Government Accountability Office on…
California Sheriffs to get Sig Sauer P320s

California Sheriffs to Get Sig Sauer P320s

Will they work?

The Santa Barbara County Sheriffs have selected Sig Sauer's P320s as their firearm of choice. The striker-fired P320 pistol was chosen and hailed as reliable and modular. We hope they heard about the problems that New Jersey was having with their Sigs that they chose…
Sig Sauer P229 Legion Compact Handgun

Sig Sauer Is Under Fire By New Jersey For Defective Trooper Pistols

The state claims the gun maker sold defective guns.

Sig Sauer is under fire by the state of New Jersey, which claims it sold its state troopers 3,000 defective P229s. In 2014, gun maker Sig Sauer, which has headquarters in nearby New Hampshire, sold New Jersey 3,000 handguns. The state returned the handguns in…
New Sig Sauer Juliet4 Magnifier

New Sig Sauer Juliet4 Magnifier

The Juliet 4 is a beauty.

At the NRA Expo in Atlanta last week, we saw the new Sig Sauer Juliet4 4x magnifier. The new magnifier pairs with Sig's red-dot optics to provide magnification for medium-range targets. The new optic is mounted on the PowerCam 90-degree mount to allow for quick transitions from…