Marine Corps Increases Focus on Updating Current Weapons Systems

New changes and better effectiveness are coming to the battlefield.


It’s called the Small Arms Modernization Strategy, and it could mean big changes on the battlefield.

The Marine Corps places high value not only on effectiveness of their small arms, but also on their mobility and durability that can influence speed and muscle fatigue. That means they may be soon allowed to alter the paint their weapons to adapt to their surroundings.

According to the Marine Corps Times, they hope to do this by updating current weapons with new paint schemes, adding suppressors, and plastic-cased ammunition. These changes will help Marines adapt their systems as needed, increasing their ability to act as independent squads.

Plans are also in place to update the legendary M2 machine gun. They’ll upgrade to M2A1s with barrels with fixed headspace and timing. This change should lessen muzzle flash and decrease the likelihood of malfunctions, keeping Marines safe and mobile.

The Marine Corps is always seeking new ways to keep pace with new challenges on the battlefield. New trends will see smaller groups of highly effective soldiers that are increasingly mobile and effective. These new upgrades will meet those challenges.