SilencerCo. Creates Handgun with Built-In Suppressor

In an age when the suppressor is slowly gaining acceptance, a handgun has emerged to change the game.

silencer gun

The Maxim 9, built by suppressor- brand SilencerCo, is a 9mm handgun with a 15-round magazine. On most accounts seemingly normal. But the built-in suppressor is what sets the piece apart.

The handgun shoots all 9mm ammunition and is built for daily carry and use. The lack of special modification and requirements is what makes this gun a game changer. It’s not a novelty; it’s ready to be used by anyone legally allowed to buy and carry.

There are significant tax fees and restrictions on the purchase of suppressors for both pistols and rifles, but that hasn’t stopped the rise in popularity. Minnesota recently became the 40th state to allow them.

Many firearms enthusiasts employ suppressors to significantly lower the impact and sound of gunfire, best for hunting or training practice. A pistol of this type could have benefits like increasing safety for the ears of frequent competition and self-defense shooters.

An attached suppressor doesn’t totally silence the sound of shots, and the Maxim 9 won’t totally silence shots either.

When it’s released for public purchase in 2016 the Maxim 9 will be subject to the same federal and state restrictions as suppressors. This most likely won’t stop most buyers though, and will push the boundaries of the firearms marketplace.