America Is Made of Guns in This Art Project

Clever optical illusion sends message about gun control.

Artist Michael Murphy gun art Identity Crisis

Artist Michael Murphy made a statement about guns and their threats of power and intimidation. This installation took place last year at the 2016 Truth to Power art show in Philadelphia, but we just found out about this thanks to a video someone shared with us on Facebook.

(Just goes to show that cool stuff is always news, no matter how old it is!) Hosted by Rock the Vote, the Truth to Power event hosted art installations by such well-known political activist artists as Banksy, Ron English and Shepard Fairey. Black Eyes Peas and Ty Dolla $ign performed.

This hanging installation by Brooklyn, New York, artist Michael Murphy is titled “Identity Crisis.” He says it is “about the United States rooting its image in violence and intimidation.”

Click through to the page on Vice to watch a video showing how this display shifts its appearance depending on how you look at it.