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10 Round Magazines Illegal in California

California Residents Get Reprieve on Magazine Law

Applies to magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds

One of California's new gun laws passed last year requires gun owners with magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition to get rid of them by July 1. That deadline passed on Saturday. But a federal judge blocked the law from taking effect,…
"Mad Max" Arrested in Los Angeles

“Mad Max” Arrested in Los Angeles

The imposter was dressed like him and armed like him.

"Mad Max," the lead character in the classic movie of the same name, is armed with a sawed-off shotgun and leads a vendetta against a vicious motorcycle gang. Well, a man in Los Angeles has been arrested while dressed as Mad Max and carrying a…
California Sheriffs to get Sig Sauer P320s

California Sheriffs to Get Sig Sauer P320s

Will they work?

The Santa Barbara County Sheriffs have selected Sig Sauer's P320s as their firearm of choice. The striker-fired P320 pistol was chosen and hailed as reliable and modular. We hope they heard about the problems that New Jersey was having with their Sigs that they chose…
gun rack holding assorted rifles and semi-automatic weapons

Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher and More Turned in During LA Gun Buyback

772 guns are now destined to be melted down.

Nearly 800 guns, including an anti-tank rocker launcher, were turned in to the LAPD's recent gun buyback event. The LAPD's annual gun buyback event was held in May. The owners who handed over the guns for either $100 or $200 Target gift cards. Since the agency began…
Close-up Of Judge Holding Document With Gavel At Desk

Crime Of Passion Or Self Defense?

Dangerous triangle among roommates.

We've been posting a lot of "murder or self-defense" stories lately. It's food for thought and also helps us remember that there are times when it is not in our own best interests to use our gun. Even if we're armed and trained, we can…
Semiautomatic AR-15 Type Rifle in 5.56mm with red dot optic. Image taken November 2016.

California Gun Law Threatened By $10 Part

An interesting invention.

California has some strict gun laws. So strict that most people in the gun world believe they are unconstitutional. A Shasta, California, man is responding with a part that he thinks may beat one of the laws that people don't agree with. John Bastiani with Bastiani…