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Two States Now Allow Guns in Courthouses

Only applies to state employees.

Arkansas and Oklahoma have passed new legislation that allows some people to bring guns into courthouses in the states. The new ruling applies to state employees only, and only those who have concealed carry permits and work at county courthouses. Employees of county government offices can…
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46 Lawmakers Seek to Limit ATF’s Power

HR 2620 affects the ATF's authority

Forty six lawmakers have banded together to cosponsor HR 2620. The purpose of the bill is to "revise various laws that interfere with the right of the people to obtain and use firearms for all lawful purposes." No action has taken place on the bill yet,…
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We Love Our Guns, But We Should Still Address Public Safety

Is any gun control bad?

As gun owners we tend to automatically eschew any measures at gun control. Have we lost our objectivity? My circle of friends is saturated with liberals. Some of them own firearms, but most do not. Even though I'm a gun owner, I have to admit…
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Guns Sales Are Down Overall, But Minorities Are Taking Up Arms

Welcome to our new brothers and sisters in arms.

According to FBI statistics, gun sales have dropped significantly since the election of Donald J. Trump. This contrasts the boost in sales gun manufacturers and retailers saw when President Obama was elected. But firearms sellers say they are seeing an uptick in sales from one…
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Can Maryland Set the Stage for a National Gun Ban?

4th Circuit upholds restrictive law.

Late in February, without hardly anyone noticing, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Maryland's restrictive "Firearms Safety Act." Maryland currently bans semiautomatic guns with certain features that the state feels make the guns "militarized." The state passed this law in 2012 in response to…
Can the Mentally Ill Buy Guns Now?

Can Mentally Ill People Buy Guns Now?

Trump reverses Obama's rule on this topic.

In the last week of February, President Trump reversed an Obama-era regulation that tightened background checks. President Obama implemented the ruling following the San Bernardino shooting in 2015. Obama wanted to require the Social Security Administration to give the organization that conducts background checks the names…