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British Policeman Loses a Submachine Gun in the Ocean


If you had a gun like this in your hands wouldn't you hold on to it a little more carefully? A Ministry of Defence soldier in Britain dropped a submachine gun over the side of a boat. Apparently he just lost his grip? The Ministry of…
Police buckle with gear

Study: Lenient Gun Laws Boost Cop Shootings

Fatal police shootings are less common in stricter gun states.

We all know states that have "strict" gun laws and those who are deemed "not so strict." Well, if you rank those states from least strict to most strict and then look at the number of civilians who are killed by police officers with guns in…
Sig Sauer P229 Legion Compact Handgun

Sig Sauer Is Under Fire By New Jersey For Defective Trooper Pistols

The state claims the gun maker sold defective guns.

Sig Sauer is under fire by the state of New Jersey, which claims it sold its state troopers 3,000 defective P229s. In 2014, gun maker Sig Sauer, which has headquarters in nearby New Hampshire, sold New Jersey 3,000 handguns. The state returned the handguns in…
Early Release Domestic Violence Shooter Had 64 Guns

Early Release Domestic Violence Shooter Had 64 Guns

Judge regrets his decision to let him out early.

The system fails people. We all know it. But sometimes the cases in which the system fails people also fail explanation. In this case in Newark, Ohio, a judge is regretting his decision to let a man out of jail on early release after he…

$1.26 Million for Dog Shot By Police

You can't put a price on companionship.

I wouldn't want to have to put a price tag on how much someone would have to pay me if they wanted to take my dog away from me. Or, God forbid, I had to get compensated in case something happened to him. In this…
NY Cops Exchanged Gun Permits for Hookers and Pizza

NY Cops Exchanged Gun Permits for Hookers and Pizza

This sounds like a joke but it's not.

The set up for this sounds like a joke just waiting for a punch line. Three NYPD cops exchange gun permits for prostitutes, pizza and cash...Oh wait, there is no punch line! The Daily Beast reported on the guns exchange deal. Oh, and there were trips…