New Sig Sauer P226 Factory Caliber X-Change Kits

Great gun, great pricing, great timing.

Sig Sauer Caliber X-Change Kits

If you own a P226 or you’re just a fan I don’t have to tell you the virtues of this rugged, handsome, completely battle tested pistol. It was the longtime choice of the U.S. Navy Seals. I could go on but none of that is news. What is new is Sig Sauer offering caliber “X Change” kits (as they’re calling them) for the P226. They are available in .40 Auto, 9mm, .357 Sig, 22LR, and .22LR threaded barrel.

A big plus for me is that the kits are designed and made by the same people that designed and made the gun. You can trust it’s going to work and the fit and finish will match. That’s crucial for training and value for your money. If it doesn’t work smoothly and look right, why bother?

A few states are considering legislation that would deregulate suppressors. There’s a lot of momentum for passing laws that remove restrictions on buying suppressors. If the suppressor laws pass then it will be easier to get suppressors. This then makes an easy way to adapt your P226 to adapt for a suppressor kit. With the suppressor laws very possibly about to change, the combo of affordable .22 LR to train with and a threaded barrel for a gun you already own? Now you’re talking! That’s some cool, affordable, quiet fun.

Obviously I’m not alone with this thought. I checked out the Sig Sauer website for the prices and saw that the .22 threaded barrel variant is currently out of stock. No wonder as it’s also the most affordable at $339.00. The non-threaded .22 comes in at $349.00 and the rest at $407.00. I think it’s a “win win.” It’s like having a whole second pistol for less than half the price.

Sig Sauer Caliber X-Change Kits

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