The Future of the Gun Industry with Trump

A pro-gun candidate has won the election!

The Future of the Gun Industry with Trump

Pro-gun Donald Trump has won the Presidential election! While many gun advocates are happy and relieved over these results, there’s still curiosity concerning what will happen to the gun industry with a new president.

One of the biggest changes that will follow Trump is the growth of the gun industry. With Trump being pro-gun, there will likely be law changes, so more people will be interested in purchasing guns. For this anticipated increase in purchases, manufacturers are already gearing up production to keep up with the demand that will surely happen in the near future.

The downside to the increase in gun purchases is that some businesses will crash and burn. The businesses that will have challenges were those preparing for a Clinton victory. An example is the Springfield Armory’s Saint, which is an AR-15 rifle. This budget friendly rifle was supposed to be the answer to the assault weapon ban. With no ban, there won’t be much motivation to buy them.

Boost in Silencers
Silencers aren’t easy to get these days with the Hearing Protection Act. To use the silencer, people have to pay $200 in federal tax and then wait a year or more for approval. This will likely change as soon as silencers are removed from the National Firearms Act (NFA). This will make it much simpler and faster to get them, so more people will want them.

Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act
As of now, people with a concealed carry license may only be able to carry in their state. With reciprocity states, they may be able to carry into other states. Trump may open that up making it possible to carry concealed into any state. There will likely be more gun free zones with this change, but that may be enough to calm the worries of many of the people who may not be completely on board with concealed carry licenses for the entire country.

Some industry experts have been predicting that with a gun-friendly presidency coming up, people will not be in a hurry to purchase guns. Under a Clinton presidency, people who wanted guns may have rushed to get one before their state’s laws changed. Other experts are saying that a gun-friendly presidency might encourage people to buy more guns because guns will be more accessible. Other people believe they will see more a gun purchase increase among minorities and women.

There’s no way to know for sure what will happen when Trump takes the seat as President of the United States. What we know is that whatever comes out of it won’t be what Clinton would have done with gun control. Trump has supported the NRA and spoke freely about being pro-gun. Convincing the House may take some time, but in the end, the gun industry will most likely see a lot of growth in the next four years.