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No One Wants to See This Gun Control Movie

Nobody Wants to See This Gun Control Movie

It's not even meeting low expectations.

Expectations were low for "Miss Sloane", a new Hollywood movie starring Jessica Chastaine, who was also in the film "Zero Dark Thirty." In the movie Chastaine is the film's leading lady. She plays Elizabeth, a top lawyer who leaves firm for a competitor when a powerful…
The End of Gun Free Zones on Military Bases

The End of Gun-Free Zones on Military Bases

New Department of Defense document sets the ground rules.

In late November, the Department of Defense released detailed guidelines to allow U.S. military personnel to carry their personal concealed firearms on military bases. This 26-page document does the following: • Establishes policy and standards and assigns responsibilities for arming, carrying of firearms, and the use of force…
The Future of the Gun Industry with Trump

The Future of the Gun Industry with Trump

A pro-gun candidate has won the election!

Pro-gun Donald Trump has won the Presidential election! While many gun advocates are happy and relieved over these results, there’s still curiosity concerning what will happen to the gun industry with a new president. One of the biggest changes that will follow Trump is the growth…
SAF Fires Back at Jeh Johnson's Gun Control Statement

Second Amendment Foundation Fires Back at Homeland Security Secretary’s ‘Gun Control’ Statement

Johnson believes gun control is "critical element" in protecting US from terrorists

The Second Amendment Foundation is outspoken on matters of government and its seemingly unrelenting course to propose stricter gun control measures on the American people. The most recent involves Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, who quips that gun control is a "critical element"…
Hilary Clinton Donald Trump gun control

What the Presidential Candidates Say About Guns

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's own words on gun control

As of now, voters have narrowed the presidential race to two candidates: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Have you decided who you will vote for yet? Gun control is not the only issue that is important to voters, but it is certainly at the top. ABC…
11 gun control measures pushed through in California

11 Gun Control Bills in California Pushed Through

California lawmakers take urgent action after Orlando shooting

The aftermath of the Orlando shooting left California had lawmakers in a rush to push through 11 gun control bills. Opponents of the measures accused legislators of politicizing the tragedy that left 49 victims dead and several others injured at a gay nightclub in Florida after…