Shooting Gloves: Users Discuss Types of Gloves that Ease Arthritis Flare-Ups

Best shooting gloves users recommend to ease arthritis

Shooting Glove Recommendations

A discussion about the best shooting gloves for arthritis sufferers to use took place on a forum from The Firing Line. One user asked people for their recommendations for the best gloves to give his father to reduce recoil so arthritis doesn’t keep him from shooting his Smith and Wesson .357.

One responded that several gloves would fit the bill. He said quite a few brands carried what would essentially be “weight lifting and motorcycle gloves with different logos.” He recommended a brand that has “a gel palm, and a polymer brace in the wrist heel area that braces the hand.”

A second person supported the motorcycle glove recommendation, stating that they are designed with cut-out fingers and palms that are gel-padded.

Another wrote that shooting gloves are “too bulky” if they have padding. One bit of advice from this person was to use chemical hand warmers, which help a lot. The individual also mentioned golf rain gloves that have Velcro enclosures and high-tech fiber. They hold up well and you can “still pick up a dime.” This flexibility is key since they give cushion, but don’t falter in your ability to feel the gun and trigger — and reload easily. It was noted that winter golf gloves are too thick, however.

Someone posted that they love gardening gloves. Ones made with goat skin are a favorite.

Several gave suggestions on what would ease arthritic pain. Another answer in the forum was that a magnetic wrist band was beneficial.

One of the many people answering the dilemma wrote that padded palm fingerless gloves from Walmart do the trick and are super affordable.

Arthritis or other discomfort can hamper the joy of shooting! Are there any shooting gloves you would suggest for people with arthritic problems? If so, share what they are and what you like about them.